Oakland Lane, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Oakland Lane, Elkhorn, Wisconsin — Project Story

While working from home one afternoon, this Elkhorn homeowner was greeted by a hail storm. As he went outside, he watched in horror as his pickup truck got pounded by various hail sizes, from pea-sized hail to golfball-sized hail. The truck took thousands of dollars in damage – and he forgot all about his roof.

Months later, while driving home, he saw a sign on a neighbor’s house for one of the usual roofing “storm chasers” – roofing companies from out of the area that come to a storm area and do as many as roofs as possible before they get out of town. The homeowner started working with this contractor, and his insurance company came out and confirmed the hail damage.

It didn’t take long before the homeowner got irritated with the company’s pushy sales tactics, so he decided to get some more estimates. That’s when he called Assurance Roofing.

Assurance came out and gave a thorough estimate that was fully in line with the insurance company’s authorization. The homeowner also took the opportunity to replace his old seamed gutter system with a new seamless gutter system along with new gutter guards. He also opted to have the posts for his home’s entry portico redone.

When it came time to do the roof, it was discovered his mid-century home had never had a new roof! Assurance Roofing quickly and affordably replaced all the rotted roofing, three layers of fifty-year-old shingles, and underlayment with a modern roof with a roof ridge venting system that will last decades to come. Don’t trust your hail damage roof repair to some fly-by-night company from out of town! This homeowner tells you to stick with your local roofing company, Assurance Roofing!

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