New Construction Roofing Contractors

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New Construction Roofing Contractors

Not all residential roofing jobs are the same and this is something to strongly consider when selecting a new construction roofing contractor. While parts of the process are easier, energy efficiency is easier to ensure, and there are fewer unknowns, there are several unique challenges when putting a roofing system in place on a new home.

Putting the New Construction Roofing Homeowners First

There are many new construction builders and general contractors who are dedicated to a high-quality home, we know, several of them partner with Assurance Roofing! However, sometimes when selecting a roofing company some builders can become intensely focused on price. They end up using the contractor that comes in with the lowest bid putting their bottom line ahead of the homeowner.

We encourage homeowners who are having their home built to ask the builder or general contractor:

  1. What roofers do you plan to use for my home?

  2. What roofing materials are they going to use and what is the warranty beyond your own?

  3. What roofing system is being employed and how is it going to increase the lifespan of my roof?

  4. What if I want to select my own roofing contractor? How does that change the process?

Communication is Key in New Construction Roofing

When approaching a roof replacement or re-roofing of a residential home, the initial and labor-intensive portion of the job is the tear-off. This is where all of the existing asphalt shingles or other roofing material is removed so the roof itself can be assessed for repair and the new roof installed. Obviously, with a new roof, this process is skipped. However, several new challenges come into play.

New construction roofing projects are a bit like a highly coordinated dance – many different contractors are involved and each needs to come in at different times in order to keep the build moving. This is where planning and communication are key.

At Assurance Roofing we aren’t first-time roofers just getting into new builds, we’ve been doing them for years. We will coordinate the process with your project manager to ensure we’re there and available to install your roofing system on time and on budget.

The Assurance Roofing Process



We come to your home and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s roofing condition and take time with you to listen to your concerns.



Our proposals are detailed yet easy to understand. We provide a full report of our findings and the dimensions of your home relabiably attained with the latest technology.



Our expert team of roofers comes to your home and supervises the delivery of materials to the final cleanup. We’re available to you for questions throughout the installation.



Our management team checks each installation to both ensure quality and that we left your home and yard clear of all debris, nails, and discarded materials.

The Right Roofing System for New Construction Roofing

We have to be honest, we’ve seen several brand new homes that are using anything but the latest in roofing technology. At Assurance Roofing we specialize in designing an entire roofing system for your new home that is aimed at driving energy efficiency, extending the lifespan of your roof, and offering a high-quality product that will stand up to the worst mother nature can throw at it.

For instance, how your roof is ventilated to ensure it can create is of the utmost importance. Older techniques do little to avoid the accumulation of mold, ice damming, or heat buildup. Assurance Roofing uses the latest ventilation techniques including ridge venting to ensure proper airflow that will reduce heat and moisture buildup. This reduced heat translates into increased energy efficiency and will pay off with reduced energy builds over the long life of your roof.

In addition to ventilation, we focus on the proper sealing of the roof to create a water-proof barrier that blocks water from ice damming and will prevent rot and mold. Proper sealing helps avoid costly roof repairs later on down the line as well as water damage to both the exterior and interior of the home.

The Latest Materials for New Construction Roofing

While most homeowners will select asphalt roofing as the best solution to their new home’s needs, we also work in other materials including metal roofing and flat roofs. We also offer a broad selection of products from Owens Corning including designer architectural shingles so you can pick the perfect roof color to match the look of your new home.

Roofs are often overlooked as a means of offering significant curb appeal, we have many color and style options available to you for choosing just the right look. Whatever your needs, we’ll think you’ll find Assurance Roofing is southeast Wisconsin’s premier new construction roofing contractor.

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