Storm Damage Roof Repair

Don’t Trust Your Storm Damage to a Stranger!

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Southeastern Wisconsin is no stranger to storms, so don’t trust your storm damage roof repair to a stranger – Assurance Roofing is your local roofing company ready to respond to any storm! Staffing with multiple teams, we offer 24/7 response to storm damage. From wind damage to hail damage, we can handle it!

Immediate Response to Your Storm Damaged Roof

The key to recovering from any storm damage to your roof and preventing further damage is the initial response. We’re equipped to quickly respond to any storm and work with the homeowner to make immediate temporary repairs to prevent further damage. In fact, did you know many insurance companies require you to make emergency repairs and can hold you responsible for further damage if you don’t? Mitigate your damage so your insurance claim will go smoothly, contact Assurance Roofing immediately so we can make immediate repairs.

Insurance Claims for Storm Damaged Roofs

When you pick Assurance Roofing as your roofing contractor, we’ve worked with many insurance companies over the years to help ease the insurance claim process for all of our homeowners. We know the stress and trauma a severe storm can bring goes well beyond a damaged roof. We’re on hand to take the roof repair off of your mind and help prepare you for the roof inspection by your insurance company.

While every insurance company and homeowners insurance policy is different in what they will cover, as your roofing contractor we’re always there to represent you and ensure your roof repair is of the highest quality. Whether you’re just dealing with some missing shingles that might not even require a claim to high winds, hail storm damage, or even tornadoes and fallen trees that will be extensive ones, as your roofers we’ll keep you informed and do our best to work with your insurance adjuster and reach an agreement with you on your roof replacement or roof repairs as covered by your insurance.

The Assurance Roofing Process



We come to your home and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s roofing condition and take time with you to listen to your concerns.



Our proposals are detailed yet easy to understand. We provide a full report of our findings and the dimensions of your home relabiably attained with the latest technology.



Our expert team of roofers comes to your home and supervises the delivery of materials to the final cleanup. We’re available to you for questions throughout the installation.



Our management team checks each installation to both ensure quality and that we left your home and yard clear of all debris, nails, and discarded materials.

Storm Chasers and Storm Damage Roof Repair

Over the years many large roofing companies have made it their business to take advantage of current technology and resort to storm chasing. These companies, some reputable and some not, come into a town hit hard by storm damage and set up shop throughout entire neighborhoods stricken by roof storm damage.

While severe storms can certainly increase the demand for roofing contractor work, at Assurance Roofing we can assure you of two things: we have a scalable team ready to tackle any storm damage roof repair and as your local roofing company we’ll be there to back our work with the highest quality roofing materials and workmanship and the warranty to back it up long after the “storm chasers” have all been long gone.

Upgrades During Storm Damage Roof Repair

As strange as it may sound, sometimes storm damage roof repair can be a blessing in disguise. Storm damage has a way of revealing previously hidden roofing system problems such as roof leaks, water damage, mold, and damage from heat buildup. In situations such as this, it’s an excellent time to pursue roofing upgrades, many of which could be covered by your insurance.

Older roofs may have many layers of shingles and outdated means of roof sealing. We’ll use the latest technology and techniques to properly seal your roof and give you an entire roofing system solution designed to last a lifetime with a warranty to go along with it.

When you’re faced with storm damage roof repair, don’t wait, reach out to Assurance Roofing and we’ll be happy to provide a free inspection and recommended emergency repairs to start your home on the road to storm damage recovery.

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